Line-up change

Mapping Festival has to unfortunately announce that the “Pont – Rouge Démolition Mapping” performance, created by the 1024 architecture collective in partnership with CFF Immobilier, and planned on Friday 23 and Saturday, May 24, cannot take place for traffic safety-related reasons.

However, we are pleased to announce a new event, which will take place on the same dates in impressive CFF halls located at 6, route des Jeunes; for the first time, this remarkable building located in the heart of Ports Francs will be open to the public. During the two evenings, the site will be open from 9pm to 1am; there, the ONION SKIN installation will be unveiled at 10pm.

ONION SKIN is an installation by Olivier Ratsi, a French artist who was among the guests of the very first Mapping Festival in 2005. He’s co-founder of the Antivj ‘visual label’ specialized in audiovisual projections, architectural performance and light installations. ONION SKIN is a graphical work about the re-composition of time and space through a game of perspectives, both of the exhibition space itself and that of the projection canvas. Built around a progressive structure, made up of 4 parts lasting 14 minutes in total, the piece plays on the principle of repetition and scale to create a physical and hypnotic experience that opens doors onto the hidden and untouchable.

ONION SKIN has been shown at several prestigious festivals around the world (Mexico, Paris, Rio de Janeiro), and is shown here for the first time in Switzerland.

Each evening, bars and food truck will offer snacks and drinks.
On May 23, the musical mood of the evening will be provided by Opuswerk, and festivities will continue at 11pm in Motel Campo.
On May 24, Eric A L’aniz will provide the mix.

ONION SKIN, an installation by Olivier Ratsi
Musical creation : Thomas Vaquié
Management & production : Nicolas Boritch
Label : Antivj

Route des Jeunes 6 / 1227 Lancy
May 23 & 24, 2014
Free entrance