2562 live AV w/ Heleen Blanken

May 31

11pm - 5am
CHF 20.-

Zoo / Usine

Place des Volontaires 4
1204 Genève

(A Made Up Sound, When In Doubt, NL)

During the past seven years Dutchman Dave Huismans has established himself as one of the most singular and imaginative voices in cutting-edge dance music. Over the course of three albums and a string of singles under the 2562 moniker he’s laid out a genre-defying vision of broken rhythms, inventive sampling techniques and captivating moods.
Meanwhile his second project A Made Up Sound is known for its idiosyncratic approach to techno, on its self-titled imprint as well as Clone, 50Weapons and most recently The Trilogy Tapes and Livity Sound’s remix series.
2014 sees him return to the 2562 project with an all-new liveset, supported by visual artist Heleen Blanken.

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