Delphine Depres


May 29

CHF 12.-

Spoutnik Cinema

Rue de la Coulouvrenière 11
1204 Genève


Graduated from the Geneva University of Art and Design in 2008, visual artist, video director and performer, Delphine’s research and experimentations are focused on exploring the question of theatricality in projected image. Most of her work is conceived in close relation with sound artists.

Aral is the interpretation of a composition by musician D’incise. It is the staging of micro-events made of tiny objects and materials (balls, beads, sand, powder and water) manipulation. Laid on a speaker broadcasting sound, objects start moving while being filmed. Concrete noises produced by the clash of objects are added to the soundtrack.

In the spectator’s field of vision, the ridiculous and miniature image construction echoes the bombast of the filmed and rebroadcast picture, as dilated by its own projection. Scale reports blur to suggest infinitely large within the infinitely small.

Aral has been performed at Tel Aviv, Berlin, Kyoto and Osaka.