Entter & HISS


May 31

CHF 20.-
(including access to the Zoo party)

Spoutnik Cinema

Rue de la Coulouvrenière 11
1204 Genève

ENTTER & HISS (ES) – The Church of Whatever

Raúl Berrueco (aka Entter) studied Fine Arts at the University of Basque Country. He had been working for more than 10 years as motion grapher, digital designer and Art Director for web and media. As visual artist, he worked as professional video jockey and performer for several years, collaborating with musicians Goto80 and Meneo on acclaimed audiovisual shows. He also did video mapping creation for theater productions.

Hernán Scassa (aka HISS) studied Art and Graphic Design in Treviso (Italy) and moved later to Barcelona to work as graphic designer and produce music. Currently he’s preparing his first release on Classicworks Records and collaborating with Entter in the electronic Church of Whatever project.

Lately Entter and HISS have been mixing chiptunes and blasphemous idea(l)s, pixels and crucifixes to save our rotten souls. Among other things, they argue that “Western Christianity crisis of faith is related to a lack of style. If Vatican had hired Lady Gaga’s stylist, we’d all be sitting around in dark churches, munching magic hosts and listening to repetitive organ music.” This problem had to be fixed.