Fabian Kozelsky

May 30

23pm - 5am
CHF 20.-

Zoo / Usine

Place des Volontaires 4
1204 Genève

(Minimal Makes You Animal, CH)

Fueled by a love for the black gold, Fabian Kozelsky has been collecting vinyls since 2008 and with a fine taste at that. Investing as much time and energy in his mixing skills, he sure knows how to define his own specific mood and take a crowd wherever he wants it to go. His fine tastes have gotten him to play at clubs such as the Rohstofflager, the RaumStation, and he’s also been making noise outside of the Swiss Alps. Knowing how to take it deep and slow, as well as hard and fast, Fabian has surprised us more than once, and we’re sure he will again.

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