Mapping 2.0

May 25 to 28

11am - 5pm

Spoutnik Cinema

Rue de la Coulouvrenière 11
1204 Genève

Workshop conducted by Mike Latona (BE)

Registration for this workshop is closed!

This workshop is intended for video artists wishing to deepen their notions of actual mapping softwares (Millumin, MadMapper, MapMap), image creation and production of permanent installations. Following an overview of current techniques, the participants will review the various stages of an installation, from content production to actual video mapping. Advices will be then provided for After Effects animations, and the hardware facilities offered by the new Raspberry Pi card. 

1. Panorama of video mapping, various softwares, hardware, influential techniques and artists

2. Quick presentation of MadMapper
Presentation of Millumin
Presentation of the new Open Source software MapMap
Overview of strong aspects of each software

3. Presentation of several mapping processes: an installation from start to finish, images production, mapping placement, issues

4. Practical mapping workshop, from files creation to mapping
Three different processes: flat surface (Map painting) / 3D module / 2D module

5. After Effects workshop: how to create quick animations using scripts; small tricks

6. MapMap workshop

7. Permanent installation placement with a Raspberry Pi

Instructor biography
Mike Latona, aka Los Hermanos, has been a visual artist for 13 years; VJ, map painter, graphic designer influenced by street art. Fascinated both by the urban visuals and scenography, he works on the integration of art into reality and on discovering the many possibilities of video mapping. Thanks to it, he combines all his fields of expression: painting, animation, installation, graphic design, drawing, large scale projects, 3D, sound, interactivity, disparate and unusual materials, technology teaching. His exhibitions and collaborations (art, street art, digital art, video clips, movies, theatre, dance, events, fashion, branding, workshops and education) led him to travel across Europe. It is in this challenging environment of travel and meetings that he draws his inspiration.