3D Mapping at CERN


May 28

2pm - 6pm
Free entrance


Route de Meyrin 385
1217 Meyrin

Science and 3D : 3D mapping on an historical scientifical instrument

From 2pm to 6pm, guided tour every half-hour


After its participation at the CinéGlobe festival, the Mapping Festival is pleased to work again with CERN, the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. This time, the public is invited to travel in the past while discovering the building of the Synchrocyclotron, the first CERN accelerator operated from 1957 to 1990. A 3D projection, mapped on the machine, will explain its operation and will explore the rich history of CERN. This site will be open to the public in mid-June only; it is therefore a preview opportunity to visit it, during this exceptional afternoon.

A lecture on the “Science and 3D projection” theme will be given the same day at the Commun, at 7.30pm.