Module programming with Modul8

May 23 to 25

11am - 5pm

BAT. 43, Acacias

Route des Acacias 43
1227 Genève

Workshop conducted by Andy Teasdale (UK) & Gaël Abegg (aka LUPIN) (FR)

Registration for this workshop is closed!

For three days this workshop will offer a full range of tools for module programming using Modul8, a software from GarageCube. No programming experience is necessary. The workshop will start at a basic level, building up to advanced concepts. Throughout it you will create a number of modules of varying complexity, and leave with the skills and inspiration to develop modules of your own.

- Building simple custom interfaces with the Module Editor.
- Understanding the Module Editor & basic structure of a module.
- Scripting Modul8 controllers with Keywords.
- How to plan and design the creation of a module.
- Beginners Python – basic programming concepts and how they relate to Modul8.
- Debugging your scripts.
- MIDI and DMX control with modules.
- Building complex module UI elements.

Instructor biography
Sound engineer turned VJ, Andy has been making modules for over 3 years. He has worked as module programmer for high profile artists, and still finds time to make the odd mapping installation every now and then.