Ryoichi Kurokawa

May 31

CHF 15.-

Théâtre du Galpon

Routes des Péniches 2
1211 Genève


Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa uses various media – video, installation, recording and live performances – in order to produce audio-visual sound pieces which he has been pioneering and presenting internationally since 1999. He describes his works as time-based sculptures and considers sound and image as a single unit. His works are literally compositions – symphonies of sounds imagined and produced as well as recorded – that, in combination with video material and computer generated aesthetics, change how the spectator views the familiar. Syn_ is his latest creation, an organic and refined piece designed to stimulate and communicate simultaneous emotions to the audience’s eyes and ears.

“syn” is the prefix means “together” or “with” or “integrate” in Greek. It means feeling any different things as one thing at he same time. In this work, these elements: synchronization, synthesis, synopsis, and synesthesia, are additionally emphasized more than the previous work “cm: av_c”. If the recent concert pieces “Rheo” or “Parallel Head” are treated as “cinema”, it is suggested that this work would have much more implications of “music”. It is not to digest gradually thinking with head, but to get directly stimulated and feel simultaneously with eyes and ears. The sounds and images could automatically integrate visual and auditory perception and they induce the synesthetic experience.

Audiovisual Concert / 2ch HD projection, 2.1ch sound
Concept, direction, composition, programming: Ryoichi Kurokawa
Production: Cimatics
Coproduction: Scopitone