The Mapping Festival, dedicated to audiovisual art and digital culture, celebrates this year its tenth edition that will take place from May 22 to June 1, 2014, in Geneva.

The festival is now a major event in the fields of the image generation, creation and technological exploration, attracting both professional and mainstream audience. Considered as a unique platform of production and diffusion in Switzerland, it also enjoys an international reputation thanks to the quality of its programming and diversity, which aims to encourage emerging artists of the field. Working with several venues and open spaces in the city, it alternates audio-visual performances, installations, clubbing, architectural mapping, as well as workshops and conferences.

The Mapping Festival is also a meeting point, a creative and collaborative platform with innovative spirit. Over the course of nine editions the Mapping Festival has grown steadily and emerged as one the most important events of its kind in Europe.

2014 team
Curators: Ana Ascencio, Justine Beaujouan, Boris Edelstein
Justine Beaujouan — Administration and general coordinator
Ana Ascencio – Artistic coordination and production
Pascal Knoerr — Communications and partnership
Audrey Powell & Hendrik van Boetzelaer — Musical programmation
Adrien Boulanger & Boris Edelstein — Programmation Vjs
Adrien Boulanger & Fanny Devouassoux-Visser — Technical and video direction
Rémi Scotto Di Carlo — Logistic
Margot d’Ovidio — Production assistant
Noémie Hernandez — Communication assistant
Anaïs Garcia – Workshops coordination
Pierre-Antoine Possa – Volunteers coordination
Mike Latona — Signage
Superposition — Graphic design
Mehdi Lahlou — Web master
Eveline Murenbeeld — Accounting

Committee of the association
President : Boris Edelstein
Co-president : François Charles