Maxime Houot & Nohista – Collectif Coin


May 17

10pm - 1am
free entrance

Musée d'art et d'histoire

Rue Charles-Galland 2
1211 Genève


In association with the Musée d’art et d’histoire

The Coin collective, an artistic laboratory based in Grenoble (France), produces installations and monumental performances. For each new project its artistic director, Maxime Houot, assembles a new collective depending on needs, wanted know-how, collaboration wishes. Thus Coin collective is not, by definition, a collective of permanent artists. Resolutely transdisciplinary and anchored in the digital arts, Coin collective mainly handles light, sound and body. They love above all working in situ, imagining site-specific installations or shows, or adapting their existing creations to the invested spaces.

Bruno Ribeiro, aka Nohista, is an audio-visual artist. Considering hearing and sight to be a single and indivisible sense, he plays images like a musical instrument, through which sound becomes tangible. In his creations, he works on the themes of perception and illusion, creating immersive and sensitive performances for the audience.
A film-maker, graphic designer and live performer, Nohista is a member of the label V-ATAK. His creations have been presented in various festivals in Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and France.

Cyclique is a work in situ, standing between digital minimalism and monumental kinetic installation. Inflated with helium and equipped with LEDS, 256 balloons form a matrix of luminous spheres above the ground. The very low resolution screen thus formed can cover an area ranging from 150 m2 to 700 m2. Its structure constantly changes, balloons moving at the discretion of air currents, immersing the audience in a synesthetic landscape where the sound becomes conductor.

Direction – Scenography – Conception : Maxime Houot
Scenography - Music and light creation : Nohista
Production : Collectif Coin
Coproduction : CCSTI – La Casemate