Stage design

May 25 to 28

2pm - 8pm

Zoo / Usine

Place des Volontaires 4
1204 Genève

Workshop conducted by Adrien Boulanger (FR), Pierre Turlotte (FR) & Rochel Mancip (FR).

Registration for this workshop is closed!

This workshop offers to set up a scenography in the Zoo Club (Geneva). Participants will go through all stages, designing, building and operating the scenography. 

- Develop the required skills for the creation of a scenic design: study of the venue, look at the technical constraints and the type of event, development of a design dedicated to mapping and taking account of these elements
- Used tools: design software (sketchup, cinema 4D)
- Study of the chosen projection system based on the installation: video projector, power, video, multiprojection, formats and wiring standards
- Motion design: used software, transposition of the scenic design to these tools and creation methods. Artistic program: sense, coherence, rhythm
- Sceno: materials and safety standards, manufacturing methods (single/multiple installation), materialization of design
- Mapping: tools and principles of operation (software, hardware), setup in a situation
- Multiprojection: hardware and software, distribution of the headlamps based on design
- Evening: time for sex, drugs and alcohol!

Instructors biographies
Adrien Boulanger (FR)
After engineer studies at the CFMS in Lausanne, he joined the Zoo association (Usine/Geneva) in 2007 as a sound technician. Soon attracted to VJing and scenography, he served as head of technics and video of the Geneva club from 2010 to 2012 and joined the staff of the Mapping in 2011 and Electron in 2012 as technical director. In 2012 he supervised video installations of such festivals as Electron, Outlook and Dimensions festival in Pula in Croatia, then Montreux Jazz (Switzerland) in 2013. He has collaborated with different artists and collective like WSK, Vj Zero, Anti-VJ, Joanie Lemercier, Mika Ventura and others.

Rochel Mancip (aka VJ Zero) (FR)
Nerd and cannibal visual artist, loves chasing the dragon in the company of hypochondriac garden gnomes. Great guru of the “beer on your keyboard” sect. Motion design, VJing, videomapping, stagedesign, interactivity… Since almost 10 years, Zero explores all forms of digital creations in connection with the live image. Through unique and polymorphic installations, his performances plunge the viewer in a unique visual universe, hypnotic, minimalistic or frenetic, always in symbiosis with the music. One of the most active artists on the international scene.

Pierre Turlotte (FR)
Professional designer and electronic music lover, Pierre integrated the WSK collective in late 2008 as a VJ. Over years of different experiences, he specializes himself in video scenography creation. He explores materials and forms through a creative approach that aims to find the most efficient projection aids that are adapted to the constraints of VJing and scenes.