May 30

CHF 15.-

Théâtre du Galpon

Routes des Péniches 2
1211 Genève

WOOKY (ES) – Montjuïc

Albert Salinas, better known by his stage name Wooky, broke into the electronic music scene with the acclaimed “The Ark” EP (Lapsus Records, 2010). In this first work, influenced by artists such as Orbital, Telefon Tel Aviv, Ochre and Kettel, the Catalan music producer demonstrated a unique ability by mixing organic, avant-garde sounds and meticulous melodies, reshaping nineties IDM rules with a pop music approach. In 2013 Wooky signed with the prestigious record label from Barcelona spa.RK, releasing his awaited debut album “Montjuïc” this January 2014, an album full of epic melodies, meticulous rhythmic patterns and dramatic twists filled with romanticism.

The visual material created by Miki Arregui (aka Videocratz) specially highlights space-time manipulation, as well as physical movement, by using animation photographic techniques, such as timelapse-hyperlapse or classic animation in stop-motion. Another main feature is visual feedback, allowing the decomposition of clips and emphasizing, even more, the synchronous wealth of movements, changes or shifts of images. This promotes the creation of infinite semi-random visual fields, aesthetically close to the glitch, which provide the preeminently figurative material of the artist with an abstract nature.

Wooky & Videocratz have developed Montjuïc, a solid audio-visual show based on improvisation, powerful sound, cinematographic landscapes, self-recordings and traditional animation techniques to create a unique narrative experience. All this factors combine to turn the performance into a story with a high emotional component.