A Normal Working Day


May 22 to June 1 (except on Mondays)

Free entrance

Friday 23
Saturday May 24
Wednesday May 28
Friday May 30
Saturday May 31
11am - 9pm

Sunday May 25
Tuesday May 27
Thursday May 29
Sunday June 1
11am - 6pm

Ground and 1st floor Le Commun (BAC) – Central location of Mapping Festival

Rue des Bains 28
1205 Genève

A NORMAL WORKING DAY (CH) – Day 1758 | 2014

A Normal Working Day is a collective made of Delgado Fuchs and Zimoun.

Nadine Fuchs, of Swiss origin, and Marco Delgado, of Spanish origin, live and work between Switzerland and Belgium as choreographers and dancers. In 2002, they founded the Delgado Fuchs collective. A system open to the exchange of practices and shared auctorial power, the collective is transverse in its choice of tools (dance, photography, video) and its influences (visual arts). On the sidelines of usual categorizations, half-serious and half-trivial, their work play on the register of ambiguity. Continuously restating the purpose, by varying the perspectives, Marco Delgado and Nadine Fuchs reveal in action the versatile character of identity, subject to multiple modes of being. Their work was presented in fifteen European countries, in the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico and Australia.

Zimoun, born in Switzerland, lives and works in Bern. His work has been presented in solo and group shows as well as performances worldwide. Zimoun has been awarded different art prizes and residencies and has served as a guest lecturer. Using simple and functional components, Zimoun builds architecturally-minded platforms of sound. Exploring mechanical rhythm and flow in prepared systems, his installations incorporate commonplace industrial objects. In an obsessive display of simple and functional materials, these works articulate a tension between the orderly patterns of Modernism and the chaotic forces of life. Carrying an emotional depth, the acoustic hum of natural phenomena in Zimoun’s minimalist constructions effortlessly reverberates.

Zimoun and Delgado Fuchs have already collaborated on choreographic projects. A Normal Working Day is their new expression tool that combines visual and performing arts. This space reserved for the body and its representations is not designed as a neutral environment, since it will have to question the notions of identity and our relationship to the world, oneself and the other. Just like previous Zimoun’s electromechanical installations that addressed activation and space dynamics, the collective’s video installations incorporate numerous screenings where the bodies of the Delgado Fuchs duo are multiplied and the movements repeated, in order to create an immersive environment. Both parade and seductive manipulation, Delgado Fuchs explore the sensitivity of postures, the notion of transvestism and the jamming of appearances.

A Normal Working Day is thus the starting point of a research work carried out on technological processes and body performance, which will generate several and various contents for a long series of projects and video installations. Day 1758 | 2014 is one of those and has been especially designed for the Mapping Festival.